Morningstar solar charge controllers offer an extremely high reliability and we are proud to represent this innovative and high quality product. For industrial applications Morningstar is our number 1 choice.


Independent Energy is awardwinning authorised dealer of Morningstar. We have the largest stock of Morningstar hardware in Europe.


Check out some datasheets in the below download section. Full Product catalog, all datasheets and manuals can be found on the Morningstar website.




Or select the right product with the Morningstar string selector at:






Download this file (Sunsaver MPPT datasheet.pdf)Sunsaver MPPT datasheet.pdf[ ]671 Kb

Download this file (Tristar MPPT Datasheet.pdf)Tristar MPPT Datasheet.pdf[ ]1630 Kb

Download this file (Data-Sheet-TS-MPPT-600V.pdf)Data-Sheet-TS-MPPT-600V.pdf[ ]293 Kb